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Emily Sullivan

Emily is a lover of the English language, despite all its quirks, irregulars and nuances. She has over six years of freelance editing experience, with excellent client relations in bookkeeping, small business development and fraud prevention. Through her education and employment, she has seen and edited a wide range of projects, from technical documents and software plans to Russian literature and historical nonfiction. She also spent hours upon hours transcribing Russian clips for her degree, which has made English transcriptions a welcomed breeze!

Emily is currently a volunteer for the ACFE Northern Colorado Area Chapter. She spends her free time working at the Hearts & Horses and HorseBuds therapy riding centers and enjoys hiking, running, hitting a few tennis balls and spending time with her family in beautiful Loveland, Colorado.

Yes, she has a rather youthful appearance about her and will probably be carded well into her thirties, but perhaps once she hits forty she'll appreciate it. 

If you have any questions about Emily or her work history, please feel free to reach out. Good luck and happy writing!


Cornell UniversityBA Political Science - International Relations, European Studies, Russian Language and Politics

University of Washington, Professional Editing Certificate



Rocky Mountain Editing Services provides quick, thorough and professional editing services for projects of all kinds. I specialize in legal editing, but any and all manuscripts are welcome, be them for books, brochures, articles, theses, marketing materials, web pages and more. Need speech-to-text transcriptions? Send your interviews, administrative hearings, client tapes or any other audio files my way!


Clients & Testimonials

"From our initial meeting with Rocky Mountain Editing Services, Ltd., Emily was incredibly professional and easy to work with. She was able to meet our extremely strict deadline and her work was exceptional with precise attention to detail. We will use her again for future projects. Thank you for all your help!!"

-Nichole Rodriguez, CFE

"Emily Sullivan has proven to be an invaluable asset to Business Fraud Prevention by providing expert report editing and audio transcribing services for our fraud examination cases. Having that added level of detail in knowing that our reports have been professionally edited and are free from grammatical and mathematical errors along with our exhibits being identified provides assurance to the quality of our final product."

-Julie A. Aydlott, CFE

"It is a pleasure to give this recommendation for Emily Sullivan regarding her professional book and product editing services. Ms. Sullivan goes above and beyond in her services and has edited our professional books and product forms from proofreading to copyediting and content writing. Her service and quality is outstanding and is a value to any business!"

-JA Publications, Ltd.

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