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A light to medium copyedit includes everything in the proof plus an extra focus on word choice, sentence variety and structure, comprehensibility, and unnecessary legalese. You are more than familiar with the terminology of your profession, but others might not be. A fresh pair of eyes will help determine where plain English may benefit your client. Note: fact-checking is not included due to the nature of the content.

This covers:

  • Errors and inconsistencies in all mechanical matters (spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation, format of lists, abbreviations, etc.)

  • Typeface, font, and formatting issues

  • Consistency (from a style guide, if available)

  • Bibliographies and citations, as per Bluebook, ALWD or your preferred source

  • Page correlation and numbering of footnotes, endnotes, figures, and in-text references

  • Overbearing professional terminology/legalese

  • Minor redundancies and awkward word choice

  • Minor rephrasing via queries

*Most popular and highly recommended for reports and memorandums.

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