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For Attorneys, Consultants, and Other Professionals

Details matter—for professionals and their clients alike. Minor mistakes could diminish credibility, tarnish confidence, and even cost millions. Send me your marketing materials, web pages, client newsletters, press releases, RFP responses, and other professional documentation, and I will turn each into a polished final product. You have more than enough on your to-do list, so let me find the errors before your client does.

I am happy to sign any non-disclosure agreement and am HIPAA compliant.


A final proof will make sure your materials and final documents have minimal to no grammatical errors, misspellings, incorrect word usages, or other mishaps before reaching the eyes of your clients, potential clients, and others in your field.


A light copyedit focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanical matters while also highlighting wordiness, unclear text, and unnecessary legalese. This is a great option for material targeting clients, potential clients, or individuals otherwise unfamiliar with the unique terminology of your profession.


Have hours of interviews or court recordings to sift through? Get them transcribed into searchable and time-stamped scripts. An accurate transcription can save countless hours of file searching.

*Most popular and highly recommended for reports, memorandums, and final documents.

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