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Line Editing

A line edit (or heavy copyedit) functions to enhance the literary style and artistic flow of your manuscript. Wordiness, unclear text, clichés, redundancies, and biased language are the main focus, with minor fact-checking and mechanical corrections included as well. This edit does not get as far into the grammatical nitty-gritty as a light or medium copyedit but takes an extra step at the sentence and paragraph level to help elevate your writing overall.

This covers:

  • Most errors and inconsistencies in all mechanical matters (spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation, format of lists, abbreviations, etc.)

  • Consistency of style

  • Simple fact-checking

  • Wordiness or unclear writing

  • Redundancies, clichés, and biased language

  • Sentence structure and variety

  • Flow and paragraph structure

  • Telling versus showing

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