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For Writers


The final edit before publication and release. Typically, projects ready to be proofed have already been copyedited to finalize structure, clarity and style. A pre-publication proof will ensure the manuscript is released with minimal to no mechanical errors.

Line & Copyediting

Copyedits focus on errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, with some light fact-checking, to add clarity to your writing and style. Line edits are made at the sentence and paragraph level, targeting overall wordiness, repetition, redundancies, clichés, flow, and more.

Developmental Editing

This service works with the big-picture of your project, providing critical feedback on structure, content, tone, plot, pacing, character development and other genre-specific criteria. There is a lot of communication between editor and author here—but it is a fun and collaborative journey!

So you’ve written a book or blog post or brochure or anything with words you plan to publish. Congratulations! Now let’s make it even better. Whether you’re still outlining content or ready for a final polish, I can help provide a finished product that promotes your credibility as a writer and strengthens the confidence readers have in you and your services. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, in a cookbook or on a web page, I’m here to make sure your message is delivered as clearly, professionally and accurately as possible.

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